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Dr. Brian Gladman [Homepage]
In the Technology/Cryptography section of his homepage Dr. Brian Gladman provides a very good implementation in C of the SHA-1, SHA-2, HMAC and a robust Key Derivation algorithm and a sample of how to chain these algorithms to create a robust cryptographic procedure that allows to derive a strong key from the user text password and to use it to crypt the records data.

Dr. Gladman's code has been re-implemented in Objective-C, with some minor retouches to make it work undes OSX.

The AES encryption algorithm has been substituted by the Blowfish one.

Bruce Schneier [Homepage]
Bruce is the author of the Blowfish encryption algorithm used to encrypt the record fields.
The Blowfish algorithm is unpatented a royalty-free so no license is required.
There are several implementations of the algorithm in same page.

Paul Kocher [Homepage]
Author of a clean implementation of the Blowfish algorithm, that allows an easy re-implementation in Objective-C.


Sqlite [Homepage]
Sqlite is a great serverless database engine, developed by D. Richar Hipp and Dan Kennedy.

It is small, fast and reliable used by software developments from people and companies all around the world.

There are binaries for nearly any platform, so before developing your own file format you should first visit Sqlite website, you will save a lot of time.

The version of the library used in Stronghold is the one delivered by Apple in Mac OS X.


Rainer Brockerhoff [Homepage]
Site of the author of the superb RBSplitSubview, a great replacement for Cocoa's NSSplitView that overcomes its limitations.

It is really easy to use and an Interface Builder plug-in is provided, all for free.

I recommend you to visit Rainer's homepage to browse all the great software he produces.

CocoaDev [Homepage]
A great WikiWikiWeb and forums where any Cocoa question has an answer.

Web developement

Wink Hosting [Homepage]
The have developed the Aqua template used in the Stronghold site.

Eric Simmons [Homepage]
He has developed the XP Style Menu script we used in the Stronghold website to display the contents menu, on the left pane.

Other Mac Software

Semulov by Kevin Wojniak [Homepage]
A wonderful little utility for your menu-bar that allows you to unmount all your drives, one by one or all together.

It is great to be able to amount all my drives, even my Time Machine drive that is hidden, before taking the laptop for a walk.

Do not hesitate to go around Kevin's homepage you will find other interesting software.