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Stronghold is an open-source, GPL-licensed, application designed to securely store your passwords, credit card informations, software registration numbers and any other sensitive data you want to keep secure.

  • Strong encryption using 448 bit blowfish and SHA-1 key derivation.

  • Address book familiar interface.

  • Free form records, capable of holding any number of fields.

  • Records can be classified in groups. A record can belong to any number of groups.

  • Universal Cocoa application.

Stronghold database for testing purposes

The application has been developed on Intel Macs, but it is coded to be endianless, so it should work on PPC machines as well.

I do not have access to a PPC machine, so if you have a PPC machine and you want to help the project you can download the test database and tell us if it works for you.

Decompress the test database and copy it to:

home_directory/Library/Application Support/Stronghold/stronghold.db3

but DO NOT FORGET TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR PERSONAL stronghold.db3 file so you can restore it later.

The pasword for the test database is:



BLOWFISH implementation is not compatible between PPC and i386

There is a problem in the blowfish implementation so the resulting encrypted text is not compatible between the i386 and the PPC machines.

With the current implementation the compilation for the PPC platform does not fulfill the test vectors.

When the implementation is corrected the databases produced with the current version of Stronghold (0.7.2) will not be compatible, a conversion tool would be provided as well.

SHA-1, HMAC-SHA1 and the key derive algorithm seems to work correctly on PPC and i386 platforms.